In this section you will find links to the bots developed by the Bitragem team.

Pump & Dump Alert

This bot reports on the Telegram channel every 30 minutes about currencies that have had variations greater than 5% in their quotation. By keeping an eye out for signals you can profit from the wave of groups that do so-called Pumps and Dumps in the markets.

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TUSD-USDT Infinity Profit Bot

You may have already seen the huge variations that occur between the right stablecoins? Well, this bot works on just that.

Theoretically 1 USDT or TUSD is worth 1 USD but with every Bitcoin pump or dump they suffer a huge variation and so just profit from it.

Arbitragem Biscoint

Este bot está rodando em nosso canal do Telegram e analisa informações obtidas com o Biscoint a fim de alertar quando existe possibilidade de arbitragem dentro da própria plataforma.

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